Lighting Fixtures

Electrical - Lighting Fixtures

Using the right fixtures for a project can mean the difference between average lighting that doesn't draw your attention anywhere or can make your home pop with specific accent lighting mixed with general down lighting.  Incorpodaret linear LED lighting with recesed lightign and decorative surface mounted fixtures.  Chosing the right fixture to help make your statement will make your project stand out.  

Within each product type, not all fixtures are equal.  While many homes utilize basic builder grade fixtures, utilizing specification grade lighting and accent fixtures will elevate your homes design and create a modern and aesthetically pleasing installaion.  Chose from square or round aperature recssed fixtures with flanged trims or sleek mudded in "flange less" recessed fixtures that disapper into your ceiling.  

The quality of your lighting also makes a significant difference and can mean the difference between vivid beautiful colors or gray washed out colors due to poor color rending of inexpensive LED lighting fixtures.

Our trained team can help design the ligthing in your home or business to get the best function for a given value.