Burglar & Fire Alarm Installation & Monitoring

Burglar Alarm Installation & Monitoring
We take things seriously when it comes to protecting your home or business and thats why when it comes to security systems and burglar alarms we use industry proven equipment with trained technicians to perform the installations. As part of our commitment to your safety, all of our alarm service technicians have regular background checks so that we can ensure the people protecting your security are people we can all trust.

Don't fall victim to the large big name service providers that advertise $99 installations which give you minimal protection and charge you hefty fees every month and threaten to charge outrageous list prices for equipment if you get wise to their plan and try to leave them. We charge a competitive rate to install a system as simple or complex as you want. Burglar alarm monitoring services start at just $15 a month for standard Residential Burglar Alarms. Why pay inflated monthly fees forever?
Fire Alarm Installation & Monitoring
Fire alarm systems have become a code required item in larger single family residences, multi-family residential buildings and commercial structures. While most systems installed provide the same protection due to stringent codes, they don't all have to cost the same up front or every month and year due to ongoing maintenance, repair and testing.

Think twice before utilizing any proprietary installer/manufacturer (contractor name is the same as the equipment) as they know that they have a lock on the installation and are able to charge monitoring and maintenance fees almost twice the going market rate as they are the only ones that can operate their equipment.

We utilize readily available over the counter industry standard equipment which provides the most cost effective and reliable installations as parts are readily available. Even though this could allow you to utilize another contractor to monitor and service your system, we are confident that our low monitoring rates and competitive service and inspection rates will make you want to be a customer for life.

If you have an existing fire alarm system, please contact us to see how we can save you money every month by reducing your annual monitoring fees or eliminating costly phone lines.