Standby Power Generators

Florida's tropical weather provides challenges to utility companies and the power we have come to rely on isn't always available. Don't be left in the dark or expose your home or business to damage that can come from lack of power or high humidity during power outages.

If you are a business, can you afford to NOT have a standby power generator? How much will lost sales, spoiled food or damaged product cost you? How much payroll will be wasted having employees sitting around unable to work or having to restart computer systems after an extended power outage?
Don't trust your installation to just anyone as the outcome can be very costly to correct. We have seen units sized so A/C condensers wouldn't start and run, elevators will not run, or even generators wired incorrectly so that the unit was ran in reverse like a motor while normal utility power was present causing permanent damage to the generator!

We have partnered with Generac as our recommended equipment manufacturer for our generator installations. They are the largest manufacturer of residential and light commercial standby generators in the US and are leading the market with product innovation such as load shedding and paralleling technologies. Generac develops the features customers want that CAT, Cummins and Kohler then imitate. Generac has a proven track record for reliable products that we have seen meets or exceeds the reliability of the other manufacturers. Combine the features and reliability with the most economical pricing in the industry and the choice for our partner was clear.

If you have a preference for a unit other than our recommended Generac offering we also have access to equipment from any of the major manufacturers to be able to offer complete packages from CAT, Cummins or Kohler.

Fusion Electric & Engineering has the engineering knowledge to design the right system for you backed up with the factory trained staff to install it. Don't be stuck with an improperly sized unit or the repair bill from someone else's mistakes. Call Fusion Electric & Engineering for your standby power needs!