Installation Services

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New Construction
Additions & Remodeling
Design / Build Services
Get it right from the start on your next Residential or Commercial new construction project...
From big to small, we can do them all. You get our engineering expertise for free which our competitors would have to charge extra for...
From Concept through to Completion, ensure you get the best bang for your buck...
At Fusion Electric & Engineering our projects are estimated by and project managed under the direct supervision of licensed professional electrical engineers. This way we can offer you the elite service and quality our competitors can not provide. We analyze construction drawings during every phase of the project and make suggestions to reduce costs and improve quality. Most other electrical contractors utilize construction project managers out of college which may have project management and estimating training but no electrical knowledge and experience or may promote retiring field staff into an office role estimating and project managing in which case they only see the designs as they are on the plans as that is how they were taught to install what is on the plans.

Our engineers are specifically trained and licensed for electrical engineering for buildings and construction. Typical plans created by the "established" electrical engineers today are "electrical engineers" trained in computer circuits and printed circuit boards with no formal education on the electrical wiring and installation techniques for buildings as well as the applicable codes that need to be followed. No wonder why there are so many opportunities to improve designs in the market!
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Standby Power Generators
Burglar & Fire Alarms
Service & Maintenance
Don't be left in the dark during your next power outage. Help protect your home from mold & mildew or prevent lost profits at your business...
Don't be tricked by the big names with big ongoing monthly costs to match. Save money with monitoring services starting at $15 a month!!!
Quality residential & commercial electrical service you can afford. Don't be fooled by the flat rate electrical service companies...

"When comparing electrical bids, there is no comparison to Fusion Electric & Engineering as no one else in town offers the service with engineering knowledge and support at competitive prices."

Engineering Staff as Support